Consumer and Retail

The consumer and retail sector is a dynamic and competitive sphere, with a high degree of market fluctuations and constant expansion. The past decade has seen unprecedented growth in this sector in India owing to increasing consumer demand and international retail giants have focused on establishing a presence in India. At the same time, India’s foreign investment policy in the retail sector is designed to safeguard interests of local mom and pop stores and brands. We understand our clients’ need to evolve with the industry, and fulfill their every need through our prompt, practical and time-bound advice.

Our client roster comprises of diverse companies from varied segments of the industry. We have advised clients in the operation of their businesses, protection of interests, and holistic growth optimization in a large number of cross-border transactions. With our full-service approach of providing assistance, we guide our clients in the myriad aspects of a transaction, be it corporate, regulatory or dispute resolution. Our integrated skills and sound legal expertise is highly regarded and appreciated by clients.

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